The Raphael Samuel Memorial Lecture

rsEach year, the Centre organizes a memorial lecture in honour of the late Raphael Samuel.   Watch our event listings for the next upcoming lecture.

Past Lectures:

2019   Yasmin Khan, ‘Women on the Frontline of Empire: a feminist history of the Second World War’  Podcast link is here  

2017    Peter Burke, Two Diasporas: the place of exiles in the history of knowledge

2016    Alison Light, ‘Between Private and Public: Writing a Memoir about Raphael and Myself’

2015     Sally Alexander, ‘Social Democracy’s Super-Ego? The Politics of Motherhood in mid 20th century Britain

2014    Tariq Ali, ‘World Wars and Historical Memory’

2013     Anna Davin, ‘Galway to New Zealand: a Family Migration Story’

2012       Alun Howkins,’The Use and Abuse of English Commons, 1845-1900′

2011       Alessandro Portelli ‘Theatres of Memory, Memory as Theatre’

2010       Juliet Gardiner, ‘Searching for the Gleam: the quest for a new order in 1930s Britain’

2009       Jeffrey Weeks, ‘Making the Human Gesture: History, Sexuality and Social Justice’

2008       Jerry White, ‘Pain and Degradation in Georgian London: Life in the Marshalsea Prison’

2007      Annette Kuhn, ‘Going to the Pictures: Cinema-going in Twentieth Century Britain’

2006      Gareth Stedman Jones, ‘The Redemptive Powers of Violence? Carlyle, Dickens and Marx on the Legacy of the French Revolution’, published as ‘The Redemptive Power of Violence? Carlyle, Marx and Dickens’, History Workshop Journal, 65 (2008), pp. 1-22. Delivered at the Raphael Samuel Memorial event.

2005      Janet Nelson, ‘Organic Intellectuals in Dark Age Europe’

2004      Stuart Hall, ‘Black Diaspora Artists, Past and Present’, published as ‘Black Diaspora Artists in Britain: Three “Moments” in Post-war History’, History Workshop Journal, 61 (2006), pp. 1-24.

2003      Bill Schwarz, ‘Caribbean Stories and the Predicament of History’, published as ‘Not Even Past Yet’, History Workshop Journal, 57 (2004), pp. 101-15.

2002      Chris Bayley, ‘A Dying Colonial Metropolis: Yangoon (Rangoon), 1939-49’

2001      Roy Porter, ‘London and the English Enlightenment’

2000    Carlo Ginzburg. ‘Your Country Needs You’. A Case Study in Political Iconography

1999    Richard Sennett, ‘Welfare after the Welfare State’

1998    Judith Walkowitz, ‘Aliens and the City’