Conversations and Disputations Seminar

We run a seminar slot at the Institute for Historical Research that is open to our team members to organize short seminar series.  This year, we are hosting two exciting series in alternating weeks.  See our events listings for more details.

Decolonizing Europe

RSHC Team Member Rob Waters is collaborating with historian Camilla Schofield to runThe green dome of Leicester Central Mosque with a 1960s style high rise block of flats in the background a special seminar series with the RSHC on ‘Decolonizing Europe’.

This seminar series brings together historians of modern Europe (including Britain) working on histories of empire, race and ethnicity. We will ask how considering these histories can help us to make sense of the trajectories of European politics and culture in the twentieth century—and historicise the current European crises. Seminars will consider, for instance, the historical treatment of refugees and the negotiated boundaries of Europe; the place of imperial legacies and decolonisation in the making of the European project; the economics of Europe and the Global South; racial justice and historical reparations; Europe’s so-called ‘crisis of multiculturalism’; and the conceptual contributions of Black European studies. We will consider how the decline of European empires, the rise of a united Europe, and the reconfiguration of the global labour market has determined political and social relationships at local, national, European and global levels. Most broadly, we will ask how postcolonial Europe has been conceptualised and fought over in the past, and where that project takes us today. Each session involves two or more scholars in discussion.

The seminar meets on Fridays at 5:30pm, roughly every month, in the IHR’s Pollard Room, N301. For further details of our current programme, please visit

or visit the RSHC’s events listings.

Pathologies of Solitude

We will be collaborating with Barbara Taylor’s Wellcome-funded project, Pathologies of Solitude, through a series of seminars that explore the subject. Solitude is both timeless and historical, a human universal that is understood and experienced differently over time. These seminar meetings examine the changing contours of solitude from antiquity to the present.

Watch our event listings for the seminar programme.solitude