History of Sexuality seminars

History of Sexuality seminars

The first two seminars of 2021 are free, and registration is open for them both:

Tuesday 5 January 2021, 17.15  ‘Sexuality in the concentration camps: aspects of an enforced female relationship’ – Anna Hájková, University of Warwick

This talk explores the intersection of queer and Holocaust history through the example of an enforced relationship between two women, a guard and a Jewish woman, in a concentration camp in winter 1945. This coerced relationship raises issues of sexual violence, sexual barter, and homophobia. Based on survivors’ testimonies, postwar trials, and reparation files, Anna Hájková will show how a queer history of the Holocaust allows us to address agency and powerlessness of Holocaust victims. Click here to register.  (https://www.history.ac.uk/events/sexuality-concentration-camps-aspects-enforced-female-relationship)


Tuesday 12 January, 17.15  ‘The Circumcis’d: Representations of the Jewish Lecher 1660-1800’ – Noelle Gallagher, University of Manchester

This paper will discuss the role and significance of the lecherous Jew in eighteenth-century British print culture.  Surveying some of the many novels, plays, pamphlets, and prints that depicted this anti-Jewish stereotype, it will examine the developing cultural connections between Jewish masculinity, sexual deviance, and sexual dysfunction. Click here to register.  (https://www.history.ac.uk/events/circumcisd-representations-jewish-lecher-1660-1800)


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