History Acts 24: Labour & The Left – What Next?

Tuesday 17 November 6:30-8:30pm online

 To register, and for more information, visit www.historyacts.org

Becka Hudson researches and campaigns on criminal justice issues in the UK. She was involved with the Fck Boris campaign in 2019, and Grime4Corbyn in both 2017& 2019.

Sophie Wilson is a Labour councillor and chair of Acorn Sheffield. She was the Labour Party candidate for Rother Valley in 2019.

Chris Peace is an activist with the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign. She was the Labour Party candidate for North East Derbyshire in 2019.

John Callaghan is Professor of Politics & Contemporary History at the University of Salford. His research interests include: the politics and history of socialism, international history since 1789 and political ideologies. Amongst other works he is the author of The Far Left in British Politics (1987) Socialism in Britain Since 1884 (1990), and The Labour Party and Foreign Policy: A History (2007).

Barnaby Raine is an intellectual historian with degrees from Oxford and Columbia, where he is now writing his PhD. He studies the decline of thinking about the end of capitalism from Marx to twentieth century debates in Britain, against backdrops of declining empire and the increasing prominence of the nation-state.

History Acts workshops are led by activists, who give a short talk or presentation about their work. A historian or historians working on a relevant topic will then respond, before opening it up to group discussion.

History Acts is a radical history forum, affiliated to the Raphael Samuel Centre, and based at the Institute of Historical Research. We bring together radical and left-wing historians and contemporary activists. We seek new ways to engage as academics with contemporary struggles, to learn from activists, and to see how we can use what expertise and institutional resources we have to provide active solidarity. Sessions are free and open to any historian, any history student, or anyone interested in how history can work for social and political change.


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