Solitudes Past and Present

Online seminar series

Tuesdays, 5pm – 6:30pm

All are welcome but booking is required. Please click here to register your attendance or email

6 Oct 2020 – Matthew Beaumont on ‘Insomnia in the Late Nineteenth Century: The Case of Albert Kimball’. In the first paper in our 2020/21 seminar series, Matthew Beaumont from UCL takes us through the history of sleeplessness via a Victorian case-study.

3 Nov 2020 – Darrel Janzen on ‘Solitude, Slavery, and Social Privilege at the Elite Roman Villa’.  In the second paper in our 2020/21 seminar series, Darrel Janzen from the University of British Columbia explores the intersection of gender and class in the voluntary solitudes of elite Roman men.

26th January  – Anne Vila on ‘Solitudes/Multitudes in Eighteenth-Century France: The Curious Case of the Jansenist Convulsionnaires. In the third paper in our 2020/21 seminar series, Anne Vila from the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows us how solitude figures in the assemblies organised by the Jansenist convulsionary movement in 18th-century France.




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