Organising community support and mutual aid during pandemics

Online Meeting
Thursday 2 April: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

For more details and to log on please visit  historyacts.org 

Ordinarily, History Acts run face-to-face workshops. With lockdown in place however, we’ve decided to go online, with some quickly-organised workshops, focusing specifically on activists’ responses to the pandemic. For our first event we are discussing ‘Organising community support and mutual aid during pandemics’.

Seth Wheeler, Labour Transformed
Aviah Day, Hackney Covid-19 Mutual Aid

Responding historians
Dr David Hitchcock, Canterbury Christ Church University
Dr Michael Bresalier, Swansea University

For all our workshops, we have a panel of two activists and two historians. The activists speak first, and then the historians respond. We ask that historians don’t prepare a paper or a talk, but just come ready to listen to the activists and respond to the issues they raise, based on their research and expertise. The final part of the workshop opens up to the audience for group discussion. The focus is on how history/historians can provide useful info/assistance to aid activist efforts in the present.
Contact: Guy Beckett
History Acts
07974 245556

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