London skylineThe Raphael Samuel History Centre is pleased to announce the website for this year’s Public History Festival on AIDS Histories and Cultures.  Watch this space  for all the latest updates and the soon-to-be published programme.

How has AIDS been experienced, represented, and remembered? With workshops, film screenings, walks, talks, and performance, this Festival explores some of the histories and cultures of AIDS from the 1980s to the present day. The Festival takes place across London throughout July 2018 and is open to all – many events are free to attend.

The Festival is convened by the Raphael Samuel History Centre along with partners from heritage, academic, and charitable sector organisations, including The Royal College of Nursing, AIDS Memory UK, Aesthesia, The Terrence Higgins Trust, the BFI, The Bishopsgate Institute, ICW, The Glory, and Mad ‘Ed Theatre.

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